Kelly M Jenkins

Kelly M Jenkins was born in Heidelberg, Germany has lived in many places and has travelled extensively since then. She now divides her time between Alberta, Canada and the Big Island of Hawaii. As a child and into her teen years she spent countless hours doodling, drawing and daydreaming about becoming an artist.

When she graduated from High School, however, she opted out of Art College for ‘real’ careers. She has worked primarily in the Dental Field, the Oil and Gas Industry and as a Yoga Therapist and Instructor.

During the past few years, Kelly has been fortunate enough to be able to return to her passion of creating art almost full time. She has studied at ACAD as well as with a few Calgarian and Hawaiian artists. She considers herself to be very blessed with living near the Canadian Rockies as well as the Pacific Ocean; both of which inspire, fascinate and influence her art work.

For the last few years she has been stepping out of her comfort zone and really rediscovering the JOY of creating art.

She looks forward to enjoying and creating art for many years to come.

Artist Statement

‘I believe Art, Yoga and Life are one and the same.

When I paint and create Art, I go to a place of Peace and Unity with the Universe. This also happens when I practice, teach and live Yoga.

Creating Art and Living Yoga are adventures in continuous learning, nurturing and healing.
Constant and Continual processes.

I honour each day of my presence on earth as an opportunity to express myself, to appreciate the beauty that surrounds me in life and in others, and to try not to take myself too seriously.’